Friday, July 11, 2014

Versace Scarves - Large Square Foulards 50% OFF

Versace Women

New arrivals, stunning Versace scarves with ornamental and floral design in lots of colors, including, pink, lilac, lime, gold and white/ black at 50% off retail.

Some chiffon silk Versace scarves at - 50-60% off-  added. Made in Italy.

Versace scarves are twill silk foulards with hand rolled borders. Great gift for a women: Versace scarves. Very unique design, great designs for the summer. More: Versace Scarves.

Versace Silk Square Foulards Sale

Great designs, genuine Versace scarves/ foulards for sale at the best women designer scarf outlet online. See the latest styles at 50% off: Versace Scarves SALE

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