Thursday, July 20, 2017

Emilio Pucci Scarves 45% - 55% Off

Brand new design Emilio Pucci twill silk squares  scarves, chiffon silk squares and chiffon silk signature print shawls at outlet prices. Shop now for the best designs. When you like colorful scarves which are distinctive (and scream 'Pucci') Emilio Pucci might be your choice. Most popular designs are the twill silk large squares with swirly signature prints in many colors.

Emilio Pucci Pictures

Chiffon Silk Shawl Peach Purple Butterfly Design Emilio Pucci

Emilio Pucci Purple Green Chiffon Silk Square Scarf

Classic Signature Emilio Pucci Scarf Purple Red Orange

Emilio Pucci scarves are printed and hand stiched (rolled borders) in Italy. Shop Emilio Pucci Scarves | Emilio Pucci Sale

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Givenchy Scarves Sale

Popular Givenchy scarves available at 50% - 60% off retail. Twill silk square Givenchy scarves, oversized (55" x 79") cashmere blend wraps with floral designs, panther designs and more...

See Givenchy Scarf Pictures

More Givenchy women collection scarves added:

Black Jewels Couture Givenchy Scarf
Snake Power Of Love Givenchy Scarf

G-ometric Wood Givenchy Scarf

What a great designs (still at full price at Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus).  The popular "17" design is several colors with stars and multi color border in large and extra large squares (36" and 55" square scarves) made of charmeuse silk. All twill silk and charmeuse silk Givenchy scarves have hand stitched borders and are made in Italy.

Discount Givenchy

As the season is almost over and new styles are arriving the latest styles including popular panther designs in cashmere/silk and extra large monkey prints are for sale at a fraction of the retail price. Shop Givenchy online.

Givenchy Scarf Pictures

Givenchy Scarf Charmeuse Silk "17" Print, White Stars & Red Stripes

Givenchy Scarf Twill Silk Floral & Stars Print Light Pink

Givenchy Scarf Cashmere Blend "Baby Breath" Sky Blue Oversized Wrap

Givenchy Scarf Egyptian Eyes Design Twill Silk

Givenchy Scarf Charmeuse Silk "17" Red Print, White Stars Stripes

Givenchy Scarf Cashmere Silk Panther Print, Oversized Scarf/ Wrap

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Kenzo Scarves 45% Off Twill Silk Foulards

Kenzo Paris scarves added, with popular logo print, tiger and panther designs and floral prints in different shades. Kenzo Paris produces their silk scarves in Italy. Get 45% - 65% off many popular styles of Kenzo scarves online.

New Designs Added: Kenzo Silk Scarves

Twill silk square scarves, women Collection.

Shop for the best selection Kenzo women scarves now:

Shop Kenzo | Kenzo Sale

Kenzo Scarf, Twill Silk Stripes Floral & Logo

Kenzo Scarf, Twill Silk Tiger Logo Design

Silk Kenzo Scarf Floral

Kenzo Scarf, Twill Silk Red Stripes Floral & Logo

Kenzo Scarf Twill Silk Pink Fuchsia Mint

Kenzo Pictures - Kenzo Scarves Details


Kenzo scarves are imported from Italy. Kenzo twill silk square scarves have hand stitched edges.

Read more about Gucci Scarves | Previous Season Pictures: Versace Scarves

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gucci Scarves 2017 collection At Outlet Prices

Gucci scarves, new designs for 2017! Gucci came back with some classics, the wool GG pattern scarves are available in orange, fuchsia and pink blends for the summer. New Gucci women designs include the "Floral Bloom" and the "GucciGhost" designs.

Shop Gucci Scarves

Gucci Bengal Tiger Design

The Gucci Bengal Tiger design has been very popular and pretty much all scarves (at outlet prices) are gone. The Gucci Bengal tiger designs is available on a extra large square, modal/ silk blend, very soft light weight fabrics. The Bengal Tiger scarf is available with a gren back ground and a cream/ beige GG pattern backgorund:
Shop Gucci Bengal Tiger Scarves at outlet prices.

Gucci Bengal Tiger Design Scarf

Gucci Bengal Tiger Design Scarf Women


Gucci's GucciGhost Designs

The GucciGhost seems a success, it is a bestseller. The artist GucciGhost, aka Trevor Andrew, was invited by Alessandro Michele to collaborate on a special project that combines GucciGhosts’s street art with Alessandro’s designs. The GucciGhost design scarves are designed by Alessandro and customized by Trouble Andrew and/ or GucciGhost.

Gucci Silk Scarf Elephant/ Animal Print

Gucci Scarf Floral Bloom Blue

Gucci GucciGhost Pictures

Photos of GucciGhost scarf designs, 2017 collection.

Gucci Scarf GucciGhost Print Navy Red

GucciGhost Women Design
Gucci Scarf Modal Silk GucciGhost Print

GucciGhost Print
Gucci Large Scarf Modal Silk GucciGhost GG Print

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Gucci Bloom Pictures

Photos of floral 'Bloom' scarf designs, 2017 collection.

Gucci Bloom Scarf
Gucci Wool Scarf Floral 'Bloom' Design 2017

Gucci Bloom Pictures
Gucci Scarf Floral 'Bloom' Design 2017

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Discount Emilio Pucci Scarves Online

The colorful Emilio Pucci design do not go out of style. The signature Emilio Pucci print has come back in various colors for decades. The Emilio Pucci scarf is available in twill silk squares and the signature print are also found on lightweight wool blend and chiffon silk shawls, made in Italy.

and.... more Pucci added, read and check images of new designs: Pucci

Ivanka clothing line and Emilio Pucci clothing line at Nordstrom?

It seems that Nordstrom has discontinued both Ivanka and Emilio Pucci brands. So it is even tougher to find a nice deal on a colorful Emilio Pucci scarf online. Nordstrom really is cleaning up their brands.

Emilio Pucci scarves are exclusively made in Italy, the twill silk squares have hand rolled borders, the chiffon silk shawls are impeccable. You have to like the Pucci designs of course, which colors and signature print are unique. See images of the new Emilio Pucci designs:
Emilio Pucci Chiffon Silk Scarf

Emilio Pucci Silk Shawl 2017 Collection

Emilio Pucci Twill Silk Foulard

Emilio Pucci Chiffon Silk Signature Print

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gucci Scarves 50% - 60% Off

The latest fall/ winter wool/ silk Gucci scarves just reduced. Also get a great deal on several twill silk gucci scarves, medium and large twill silk square scarves. Genuine brand new Gucci scarves online including some GG pattern design scarves in wool and signature floral prints and equestrian print in twill silk. Gucci scarves, made in Italy.

New 2017 Gucci Designs Added: Gucci 2017 Collection

Update: new collection 2017 added at reduced prices (25% off):
Gucci 2017 Collection

Gucci 2017 Floral Design

ComoMilano is a solid bet for online Gucci shopping, get the best outlet deals since 2005: Shop Gucci Outlet Sale

Gucci wool scarf, midnight blue and burgundy stripes with Crest logo at 50% off
Gucci Silk Square Scarf Blue Sailing Boats Print

Gucci Wool Silk Scarf Diamonds Design

Large Silk Square Scarf Gucci, Blue Beach Balls

Gucci Silk Scarf At 65% Off Final Sale

Save 50% Off Gucci Fall/ Winter Collection
Gucci signature designs are the GG pattern design, interlocking G design, Gucci logo crest (shield and armored knight). The red and green stripe and navy/ burgundy stripe come back on many designs on gucci scarves.

Shop Gucci Men, Gucci Neckties 50% Off

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Genuine Salvatore Ferragamo Scarves at 35% - 60% Off

Shop for an excellent selection of 2016 Ferragamo scarves, hand made in Italy. Genuine Salvatore Ferragamo scarves in twill silk and chiffon silk with floral print, abstract prints and signature print at out prices. Famous signature Salvatore Ferragamo Impero design, animal prints include frog, elephant and butterfly prints.

Shop Ferragamo online: Salvatore Ferragamo Scarves

Salvatore Ferragamo Scarf Tiger Print 2016 
Salvatore Ferragamo Summer Design

Salvatore Ferragamo Scarf Floral & Panther

Salvatore Ferragamo Twill Silk Scarf Pink Abstract

All Ferragamo scarves are imported from Italy, from reliable exporters. Shop for the best designs, gift boxes available. Salvatore Ferragamo women scarves are available in twill silk square scarves 27" and 36" squares, and 27" x 71" chiffon silk scarves/ shawls.